FireFox Myths

I was working a little today in the admin section managing this blog, and I noticed a link to  It is a site that tries to influence people to stop using Internet Explorer and switch to any of 4 different browsers (FireFox being at the top of the list).  I read on, and they feel that Internet Explorer (IE) is 1. Unsafe and 2. Not as efficient.

I’ve used FireFox, and I don’t agree with them, but I wanted something substantial to validate my opinion.  Enter FireFox Myths, a site that debunks a lot of the fanhype that surrounds this browser.  It also shows that IE really isn’t all that bad and isn’t lacking in anything FireFox has.  I feel so strongly about it, I’ve put up a semi-permanent link on the sidebar. 

3 thoughts on “FireFox Myths”

  1. Basil: It is a fine parody, but I’m not really sure how it exposes a bias. Of course the writer of the original page has a bias. Everyone has a bias which browser is better, and that’s just fine. I said “I feel so strongly about it”, which means “I feel so strongly about stupid fanboys”. That said, Firefox Myths happened to be a somewhat reputable site (with valid, applicable sources) that was a counter to fanboys’ talk.

    Anyway, I have no particular attachment to IE (I use Opera currently, although its having a lot of problems rendering some pages and can’t work with ActiveX controls for beans), I just can’t stand Mac, Firefox, Microsoft, Anti-iPod, etc. people that can’t have an open mind.

    Thanks for your post!


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