Microsoft Vista

Here are some personal Vista updates:

1. Office 2007:  Well, I saw a new video on Microsoft Office 2007.  It showed a whole new menu structure that doesn’t involve drop-down menus as we know them now.  It makes all the functionality more accessible and viewable.  The only way to really understand is to go see it for yourself here.

2. IE7 Beta Update:  I installed this beta a few weeks ago, and I’ve really loved the features of it (tabbed browsing, rss feeds, multiple home pages, etc.), especially the fact that it is SO much faster than Firefox.  I have recently discovered a major flaw (in my opinion), however.  I’ve found that when placing web orders in certain places (Chronopay, Woot), IE7 causes some fluky behavior that either breaks the server’s order process or causes it to halt completely.  So, if you are using IE7, be sure to watch out for that.  I keep Firefox on hand to place my web orders now.

3 thoughts on “Microsoft Vista”

  1. Have you tried Opera? Its an awesome browser with all the features you mentioned in IE7 beta but with gestures too! It takes some getting use to but you can open, close, go forward, go back, etc, etc with the movement of the mouse (holding down a button). It really cuts down on time by not having to click on little browser buttons, as well as on load time. Download @ (psst – it handles most sites, even orders; however, I did hit a couple of sites months ago that opera had probs loading.)


  2. Adam, I work IT at OSU’s Vet Med college and we got an evaluation copy of Vista. Needless to say, Microsoft has a loooong way to come on this one, but here’s a true story (it happened to me and my boss) We installed it and he went to change the display resolution to see how that worked. It’s generally the same as XP except for one thing. It changes the Administrator password when you change the resolution! It was hilarious. He hit “OK” to switch the resolution and a box came up that said “Administrator password changed”! Yikes.


  3. Wendy: I think I will try out Opera. I’ve meant to for a while (did the whole FireFox thing for a while, wasn’t impressed). As far as it not being able to handle sites, I’ve found that when I am working with a lot of ActiveX controls as I often do with work and telecommuting, it seems like a lot of them require IE. Now, I’ve heard that Opera is enough like IE that perhaps it will work with them, but we’ll see.

    Carlin: That is quite humorous. I wouldn’t put it past them to mess something up like that. I am actually quite excited for the Vista release. Not so much so that _I_ will buy it, but because Windows is so much a part of our world that any big change like this _has_ to be exciting to anyone trying to keep up. Maybe I’ll write a post about this… Thanks for the comment!


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