Haven’t Written in a While

Not a lot to report, but we are doing ok…now. Jessica is just finishing getting over a bad bout of bronchitis. We’ve been staying busy, and a little too much at that.

Jessica just finished her Weight Loss Challenge at work, and she got 3rd place! Congratulations Jessica! They gave her $50 for doing so well.

In other exciting news, we are going on a cruise again this year. We enjoyed it so much last year that we couldn’t pass it up again. Might as well while we can, right? We got our brand new passports and everything, so we’re counting down the days. We’ll be leaving out of Fort Lauderdale and stopping by Jamaica, Bahamas, Cozumel, and a Princess Cruise Line private island. Check it out below and stay tuned in a couple months or so for pictures/video!

Cruise Itinerary

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