Good Insights Through Oversights

While working on a new project, I saw an opportunity to use an old piece of code I’d written several months ago.  I knew basically what it did and put it in without remembering specifically how it accomplished this task.  I usually look into those things to make sure I’m familiar with their inner workings, but I didn’t feel the need to this time.

Well, after moving on and doing some testing, I noticed that my implementation of the code was causing the whole thing to break, so I pulled it open and compared my implementation of the code I had imported to the code itself.  To my surprise, I noticed some other problem completely unrelated that I would have missed completely if not viewing this particular error in this particular context.

I felt very grateful that I had ran into some trouble early on because it showed me problems that I couldn’t have identified any other way. I couldn’t help but think that the Lord has designed this life in a similar way. If nothing else, our trials, adversities, etc. can help us identify our weaknesses such that we can correct them earlier rather than later and grow in the process.

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