Misguided Hope

Just a quick vent. Obama: Candidate of Hope. Hope? As in “I promise the world will be a better place because of my work”? Shouldn’t you need serious credentials to say something like that? Obama has 8 years in a state senate and a little less than 4 years in the U.S. Senate. State Senates are valuable learning opportunities, no doubt, but hardly enough to qualify as proving grounds. That leaves him with less than one full term as a U.S. Senator. This is our evidence of his ability to make significant, positive change in the world? I have no doubt he will try hard, and I’m sure he could do at least a passable job as President (supporting his ideals, not mine to be sure), but offer a promise of hope? No, I don’t believe he has any right to offer that. He needs to prove he is capable first.

Yet, the slogan works for him because it resonates with American voters. The voting mentality of the general American populous right now is “Life is hard for me. I need someone to blame. Must be the President. Let’s get someone different.” Because they are “uncomfortable” right now, the fickle American people want change. Enter Barack Obama – Hope-mongerer. He plays off people’s baseless desire for change with empty words. I think we would all benefit if he just called his campaign what it really is. Obama: Candidate of Something Probably Different from the Current President Even Though It Will Still Be Just As Criticized in Four Years and We’ll Want Someone Different Again. I guess he didn’t figure that would fit on the yard signs.

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