Super Suppers

Jessica and I have seen the future…and it isn’t pretty.  Imagine having a 7 to 9 month pregnant lady working as a school teacher full-time, her husband also working full-time, a million and one things to get ready for the baby, and all the other normal things that families have to deal with every day.  Now, try to imagine trying to fit in cooking a nice meal every night into that formula.  It just doesn’t happen!  This is the future we’ve observed, and we’re here to show you a better way.

Freezer meals! (And not tv dinners either)  We’ve been thinking for a while about trying those places that have all the ingredients all ready made, and all you have to do is assemble them into an entree and perhaps freeze them for later.  Well, they are just way too expensive.  They want to charge something like $22 an entree that feeds 4-6.  We decided that we could do this on our own in our OWN kitchen for a lot less.  Read on for some of the gory details.

First, we needed a reference material because this was foreign stuff to us.  Jessica, being the resourceful one that she is, found that there were whole cookbooks devoted entirely to meals that you can make to freeze.  Ironically, the one we chose to get from the library was Super Suppers, a recipe book compiled by the owners of one of the aforementioned places of the same name that’ll charge you an arm and pinky toe for the right to assemble your food.

We picked four recipes to make today (Saturday) that would feed us for a couple weeks.  I don’t think we really knew how much we were getting into.  Four was way too many.  It ended up taking about 5 hours all together, and we ended up feeling very strained by the end because we were pushing ourselves way too hard.

By the time all was done, we estimate we made about 20 meals (for two).  That should last us a while!  In retrospect, instead of doing 3-weeks worth of cooking in one day, perhaps it would be better to cut that in half.  Either way, we have a lot of meals ready to go, at least with minimal preparation on the day of eating.  Here’s the link to the book, though there are other books that might be better.  It seemed pretty good to us.

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