Our fun little experiments…

We have been doing lots of reading about what the baby can sense in the womb, and this point, we have understood that his eyes are starting to open so he reacts to light shone directly on the belly. And he also reacts to the sounds he hears. So, we thought we’d try.

So, a couple weeks ago (we aren’t sure of the date), we got a flashlight and started shining it at the belly. He started kicking wherever we shined it! And we’re not talking the cute, “Oh, there he kicked” type kicking. We are talking as hard as he could, and we were literally watching my belly move like crazy whenever he kicked. It was nuts. He just went crazy. It was fun.

Then last night, we took Adam’s iphone, and started playing some fun dance type music. He started “dancing” to the rhythm of the music. This reaction wasn’t as intense as the one to the light, but he seemed to have a good time. Then we changed it to a song with a stronger bass beat, but he seemed to like the song with the faster, dance type rhythm. After we stopped playing the music, he just kept on going for about 20 or so minutes. It was pretty cool (except for the fact that I was trying to go to sleep). 🙂

Anyway, those were our fun little experiments. 🙂 We’re excited.

[audio:05 Triops Has Three Eyes.mp3]

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