August Newsletter

(This is the first of a series of newsletter entries that we’ll post on here. We do these every month, buy well start posting them here as well.)

Hi family,

A good month. We started it out with a really nice 4th of July. A big dinner at the in-laws, a nice fireworks display at a friends, and our dog actually being sociable with small children made it a great day. Lucy has always had a hard time with kids, but we’re not too worried about how she’ll interact with Spencer.

We went to Dallas one weekend to find maternity work clothes for Jessica. You may not have known, but it’s hard to find not-expensive clothes of this type in a city like Oklahoma City. Anyway, we went to some stores that had a maternity section, but we still weren’t finding anything not outrageously expensive.

While we were leaving one store (feeling frustrated), the clerk told us about a maternity store nearby. We decided to try it, we’re glad we did. It was basically a maternity superstore with lots of expensive clothes, but LOTS of clearance racks of NICE clothes. We bought everything we needed there and were so glad we found it. We also saw Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3D, and that was pretty good.

We’ve started being able to see Spencer kick. It’s so crazy to see his little feet hitting that hard! His kicks are also easily felt now. He reacts REALLY well to music put on Jessica’s belly. He particularly likes the Bee-Gees.

Other than that, it’s benn pretty normal around here. We’re getting along pretty well. Have a great month!

Adam and Jessica and Spencer and Lucy

[audio:0102 – Night Fever.mp3]

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