Feeling Waspish

Waspish – Definition: Bad tempered OR White Anglo-Saxon Protestant…ish.

In our case, neither. We just happened to find a big ole wasp nest in our bush next to the sidewalk to our front door. We were cutting back the bush that was taking over the world, and probably about 30 (at highest count) wasps defended their territory well. Until Spectracide PRO came in to the picture, and PRO it was. I didn’t stand back the recommended 20 feet, but that was mostly because the nest was well embedded in the bush.

After hosing it down with half the 18 oz can (you can’t be too careful), we surveyed the damage, and it was glorious. Probably fifteen wasps squirmed, dying on the ground below the bush. Deciding that I wanted to confirm a direct hit, I pushed aside the branches, and here’s what I found (click to enlarge, it’s worth the wait):


7 holy-crap, huge inches of nastiness, I tell you. In case you didn’t notice, the dripping stuff on the plants and nest in the picture is instant, liquid death (Spectracide PRO). Big fans.

[audio:004 – Bell Biv Devoe – Poison.mp3]

One thought on “Feeling Waspish”

  1. That is INSANE! I can’t believe you got that close. I would have freaked out and sprayed the whole bottle down at a distance. Good for you though. =) Very brave.


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