October Newsletter

Here’s our entry for the family newsletter:

Jessica and I have been doing well. Ok, Jessica has been doing well considering she is in a constant state of discomfort/pain. She still smiles a lot and laughs at my jokes, though that makes her belly hurt more sometimes, so we’re pretty careful about the amount of funny in our jokes around here lately. Just kidding.

We started off with Labor Day which involved killing dozens of wasps, making dozens of truffles (awesome!), watching a dozen TV episodes of Chuck, Heroes, and The Office in preparation for the new seasons, and taking, you guessed it, dozens of pictures. We made a little “drive-in” on our living room floor. Check out the album preview below for all the pictures.

I guess the main thing we did this month was go to a bunch of baby classes offered by the hospital where we will be delivering. We completed Baby Birthing, Caring and Nurturing Your Baby, Infant CPR, and Breastfeeding classes (I’ll preemptively strike down any jokes or references to me – Adam – needing to learn how to breastfeed; it was for JESSICA, people, JESSICA). I think we probably put in 20 hours of class time. It was a lot to learn, but we feel a lot more prepared because of it though.

We’re getting excited as the time draws near for Spencer to make his appearance, and he can’t come quickly enough! Thanks for all the words of encouragement from everyone!


[audio:Wake Me Up When September Ends.MP3]

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