It ended today…

Well, it’s official. I am done teaching school for the time being. On Wednesday, Adam and I went to the doctor, and told her I have been wearing myself out all week. So, she suggested that I take the next two weeks before Spencer is born to relax and prepare for the adventure ahead of me. She wrote me a note, and I decided Friday (today) should be my last day.

I went through it today, and told all my kids. Their reactions were priceless. I got the best reaction it seems from my 5th Hour (7th grade boys), 6th Hour (6th Grade boys) and 7th hour (almost all 6th grade boys). There were a few students who were really broken up about it. While I won’t miss some things about teaching, I will miss a few of those cuties.

I am a lot more excited to be finished teaching than I thought I would be though. I am ready to take it easy. Adam is going to help me have an objective (just one) to accomplish everyday to keep me from going stir crazy. 🙂 Thought I’d share the exciting news.

[audio:01 – Schools Out.mp3]

13 thoughts on “It ended today…”

  1. Glad to hear you are taking your Dr.s advice. We have been so sick in this house off and on lately. I have a gift for Spencer and I wondered if I could come visit you a little and drop it by. Let me know. Lu


  2. You two are great! I can’t believe you remembered this site! The reason I talked about 5,6,7 more is because their reactions more were unexpected than yours.

    Know that I miss being there with you guys. But it’s been a good thing for the last couple days that I’ve been at home.

    Thanks so much for your comments! They made my day. Check back for more details about when the baby is born. :)(which he hasn’t been…as of 10 am on 10/28/08)


  3. You just want to have the students move the window up, and click continue. It is what allows them to choose the default view. It automatically chooses the right view, and so one needs to change anything, just click continue. Thanks for your help guys!


  4. I’m so glad you got a little break before the big day… which was yesterday! I can’t wait to see some photos and hear the details. CONGRATS!


  5. I have no clue what it is! I’ve been wondering that myself. All I have been doing to fix it is to select it (so it’s all blue) and then delete it. Then to fix the the camera angle, I go to view, the camera, then iso.


  6. today is november 13th,and we have a sub named Mrs.Rener. She is not nice!!!!!! Shes yelling at us because were playing games in between presentations. She says that it “doesnt allow our presentation skills to develop correctly”(quote unquote). When Jake C got up to present,he opened up powerpoint to then open up his project,when it showed the six formats she thought it was his project and counted five!!!!! -Wesley

    P.S. She is the biggest idiot of a sub that i’ve ever seen -Andrew

    Mrs. Rener is not the brightest person i’ve ever seen. She has no idea what she’s talking about but acts like she does. -connor


  7. well mrs. rener just came over and told me andrew and connor that we were being disruptive because we were playing a game while Micheal fields was logging in!!!!!
    She also doesnt know the difference betweeen(now shes yelling at joel) she just yelled at me again gtg c ya


  8. I’m so sorry guys. I wish there was something more I could do. I tried to get you all a good sub, but things happen. Things should level out next week if I was told right.


  9. Yesterday(monday) we started robotics and now we have Mrs.Jester as our sub.But we can`t figure out how to get to the Nextel software(or whatever it`s call)to program the robots!?!How do you get there?!?


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