Sweet and Scary

Well, I’ve got some sweet pictures and a scary experience. We’ll start with the sweet.


Now, the scary

I’ve never been afraid of thunder, lightening, hail or tornadoes… until today. I knew there was a chance of thunder storms this afternoon, but I wasn’t worried, especially since it is not tornado season. So, Spencer and I are going about our day, and the tornado sirens went off. My first thought was, “really?” Then, I grabbed Spencer and Lucy and dashed to the bathroom. We hopped in the tub, and then I started thinking what I should have in my shelter.

It was then that I realized what I was most worried about and what I was most scared about… the safety and well being of my baby. I didn’t care what happened to me as long as he was okay. I so so scared for him, and after the sirens turned off (for the first time), I gathered all the things to my shelter that I needed: the standard weather radio, basic emergency kit, thick blanket to cover up with, BUT it now also included the diaper bag (which is equipped for a least 3 diaper changes and a blow-out, complete with toys and blanket).

We ended up having to get in our shelter 2 more times, but also had a major hail and thunder storms roll by through the course of the afternoon. Wow, how kids change everything.

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