New pictures and a funny story

Well, we’ve got all Spencer’s 5th Month Pictures up on our picture host. Here’s a small sample of the cuteness to be had:

From Month 5
From Month 5
From Month 5
From Month 5
From Month 5

You should totally check out more of Spencer’s pictures by going to our Picasa Gallery and clicking on Month 5 (or any other album you want to look at.) 🙂

Okay, now the funny story. This last Tuesday, Spencer and I were headed to listen to my brother report to the high council about his mission. We were running a little bit late (our late would have put us there a little bit early anyway), and we were just trying to get there. I knew the part of town we had to drive through was usually heavily patrolled so I kept an eye on my speed. I also kept in my head what I would tell an officer in the case that I was pulled over.

I see a police officer on one street that was going the opposite way I was, and it wasn’t a big deal. I turn on the street the church is on and don’t look back. Well, I checked out my rear view when I saw the red and blue lights flashing. There is a policeman behind me, pulling ME over!!! I checked my speed and saw that I wasn’t going over the speed limit, but was REALLY nervous anyway.

I pulled into the nearest parking lot and waited for the officer. He got out, and asked my for my license and proof of insurance. I told him my license was in the diaper bag in the back of my car, and asked if I could get out and get it for him. He then asked me what my name was and where I lived. I told him, and he says “Okay thank you ma’am. You are free to go. We are looking for a suicidal female driving a red Honda CR-V.”

Holy Cow! It was the WEIRDEST thing ever. I ended up getting to the church with enough time to get in, sit down and tell my family the story before the meeting started.


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