Lord of the Rings

In case you hadn’t heard of it, Jessica and I have a board game that we quite enjoy and just finished playing: Lord of the Rings.  It’s a little more complex than your traditional Monopoly or Risk type of game, but it plays pretty quickly in about an hour.  Its main distinctive trait is that it is a cooperative game in which all the players play their hands individually on the same team against the board.  The board controls Sauron, and each of the players plays a hobbit.  The hobbits try to make it through all the main locations in the trilogy while dealing with all sorts of troublesome events like you find in the books.  They must work together to make it to Mt. Doom and throw in the Ring.

I just thought this deserved a mention because our reactions to it while playing are so unique.  Inevitably, as we are finishing this game, the mood gets really tense as we make our final plans to avoid meeting Sauron.  When we die (lose), we yell (yes, yell) out in frustration, and when we chuck the Ring we yell in triumph.  Yep, it’s that engrossing.  Anyway, if you want to learn more, click here.  It’s a bit expensive (brand new $50, used off eBay maybe $35-40), but we’ve quite enjoyed it.  It’s our first game venturing into the expansive board game world (see http://boardgamegeek.com for more), and I’m looking forward to getting a lot more of these types of games.

3 thoughts on “Lord of the Rings”

  1. Our favorite board game is called “Settlers of Catan”. It’s the only one we play anymore. We found it a Barnes & Noble.


  2. Jason went and bought this after you told him about it. We really like it. I wish that we lived closer together, then you guys can try out all of our many games like that one. It is our addiction at the moment.


  3. We SOOO wish we lived closer to you guys too. It would be so much fun. We’d love to try out the games with you.

    April, we got this one at our “local” board game/rpg (dungeons and dragons)/etc. shop. It’s called Game HQ and down on SW 89th and Penn. As far as I know, it’s the only shop of it’s kind in the city, but we’re glad to have it to satisfy our instant gratification. 🙂

    We bought two new games today: Munchkin and Race for the Galaxy. Munchkin is a somewhat-light card game that makes fun of D&D and like-minded games. Race for the Galaxy is an empire-building card game that doesn’t look to take very long (a few built-in guaranteed game ends). We were looking for Pandemic, but they didn’t have it, so we picked up Race.


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