Helmet News

Spencer and I just got back from the helmet clinic,  and…


We are so excited.  His measurements are the best they have been yet.  When we started, his head was measuring at 21.5 cm asymmetry.  In August, when we “got it off”, it had improved to 9.5 cm.  Unfortunately, it regressed to 12.5 cm.  So, back into the helmet we went for another month and a half.  As of today, his head is… drumroll… 4.6!! We couldn’t be happier!    Yea for Spencer!!  Here are some pictures to help you see the change he’s gone through (I’ll do a graduate photo study tonight)

2 thoughts on “Helmet News”

  1. Yeah!! That is great news! I bet spencer is going to LOVE having it off. Do they think it will revert again or is he old enough now that he is done for good? I’m excited to see!


  2. I asked, and they said it just depends on how much time he spends on his head. Since he’s always preferred to sleep on that side of his head, we are going to TRY to reposition him after he goes to sleep. But I don’t know how well that will do since he’s entirely mobile now. I’m hoping it does well this time. We’ll see in two weeks.


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