The Butternut Squash War

Wednesday afternoon, began the War of the Butternut Squash. We had this big beautiful butternut squash. So, I decided to make in to a soup (sounds yummy right?).

I got all the other veggies sliced and started cooking them when it came time to do the same to the butternut squash. It was a pretty big one with a long neck and a very bulbous bottom (where the seeds and innards were). I thought the best way to deal with it was to cut it into two pieces, long neck and bulbous bottom. So I started slicing through the squash. It took a lot of work and l finally made it through when, as I was making my final slice, the knife went too fast with too much pressure and sliced right through the tip of my left pinky finger.

Holy cow, did it hurt something fierce. The first thing I did was run it under water to get a look at it, and I knew that I was going to need stitches. Then I called Adam, told him to come home and then my parents to see where they were on their journey home. Mind you this whole time, I’m trying not to cry my eyes out so I can communicate, and so Spencer didn’t freak.

When I took care of all that and was waiting for help to arrive, I finally REALLY cried. Spencer didn’t freak. On the contrary, he thought it was quite humorous. Silly baby.

The rest of the night, isn’t as dramatic. My dad took me to the ER, where we met Adam. The ER was too busy, so we went to an after hours ER that was much faster (and cheaper). I ended up with 3 stitches in my pinky finger tip and a tetanus shot. The worst part of getting the stitches was the doctor SQUEEZING my finger to look at it and giving me the shot to numb it…

The next night, I turned that squash into a lovely soup. It may have won the battle, but it did not win the war. Mwahahaha!


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