Over the last few weeks, Spencer has been more of an erratic sleeper than usual. Normally, he’ll sleep from 8 to 8, and life is good. Lately, he’s been waking up for forty-five minutes to an hour every night. We’ve also had 2 bouts of up-chucking right before bed in the last week. But, I digress.

The point is, I have a lot more patience for my baby when the sun is up. And Adam seems to know that, and has more once the sun is down. So, often times Adam will take Spencer at night. It’s a real blessing to me.

We’ve also invested in ear plugs. So, that way we can just put in ear plugs when the other is dealing with a screaming child. Best idea ever! So, I usually (in the last week or two) will put mine in when Spencer wakes during the night, and then take them out when Adam comes back to bed. Adam puts his in when he comes back, so I can go get Spencer in the morning and he doesn’t have to wake up unnecessarily.


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