The Phantom of the Opera

Adam and I took a weekend a couple weeks ago to go to Austin, TX and see “The Phantom of the Opera.” And me being forgetful and not packing until the night before, forgot my camera.

We left OKC just as the snow was starting to get bad. Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa Hintze for being willing to take Spencer (and take him earlier than expected) so we could get out of the city. As we went south, it just got better and better. It was a pretty uneventful trip down. We did stop at Dairy Queen and get our blizzards (as per tradition). We don’t have DQs around here, and we love it. (it’s a college thing). So, we make it a point to stop and get Blizzards when we go places that do have them.

When we got to the hotel, we had to wait for our room to be finished. So, we watched some Phineas and Ferb while we waited. Then went to our room to discover that we’d been upgraded! We stayed an all Suites place. We had booked a studio type suite, and were SHOCKED to discover that we had 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It was crazy huge. We definitely didn’t need so much space, but didn’t mind.

We had dinner at the Melting Pot (SUPER YUMMY). Adam even said to me that he hadn’t enjoyed the Melting Pot as much as he did that night since the first time we went. It was that good! The show that night was fabulous. I love the music in Phantom. It is shows like that that make me want to be miss the theater. Ahh, the theater…

The way home was more fun because we stopped and shopped at little bit, and we had to navigate around crazy backed up traffic. Stupid construction and end of Spring break. So, we ended up taking an extra 2 hours to get home than we had originally planned. We couldn’t tell you how much of it was from traffic or shopping, but either way it took some time. We had a great week end.


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