Easter Egg Hunting

We did our first egg hunt with Spencer this year, and he had a good time. It was so fun to do with him. Such a cutie. Here are a few pictures of his Egg hunt.

Egg Hunting Picture

Egg Hunting Picture

Egg Hunting Picture

Egg Hunting Picture

Egg Hunting Picture

Easter picture

I love how his basket turned out this year. No candy yet. 🙂

Easter picture

This is a book that Spencer got in his basket. He had to read it right away. He loves books like that. 🙂

If you want to see Spencer’s Egg Hunt pictures in full just CLICK HERE

In other news. Spencer has started to be a lot more communicative with us, and we are SO grateful. He’s learning so many words, but most of the words he knows are objects, and they don’t really help him tell us what he wants. We’ve been working on baby signing with him for a while, and he’s FINALLY caught on.

When we eat, he can tell us that he’s all done. And he will ALWAYS tell you he’s done when he’s ready. Sometimes, it is prompted by asking him if he’s all done, but he’ll tell you.

He’s also started using the signs for more, drink, and eat. He’ll tell us if he’s thirsty, or if he’s hungry. It’s been SO nice. Life has been a lot less fussy at our house because of it.


One thought on “Easter Egg Hunting”

  1. Looks like you guys had a fun Easter. I can’t believe how big Spencer is getting! He is so cute! Can’t wait to see you guys this summer.


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