Murder and dragons! What a weekend!

Adam and I were afraid that this weekend wasn’t going to happen, but it did. On Thursday, Spencer got sick and was running a high fever. Poor guy, but he got over really quit. Apparently, it was a 24 hour bug.

My mom agreed to watch Spencer for us (since she’d already been exposed anyway) on Friday, so we could attend a Murder Mystery Dinner with a bunch of friends of ours. It was a Forties theme, and it was awesome. Neither Adam nor I were the murderer, but we still had fun. Here’s a picture of us with our 40’s style:

Adam and Jessica 40s style

My character’s name was Mary Kohn Trairie and Adam’s character was Malcom “Mal” Conntint. The game was FULL of clever names like those. It was awesome.

This is the whole party. Amanda (the chica in the green dress was the murderer), doesn’t look the part does she? That’s why it worked SO well.

The whole group

The next night, Adam took me out on a date since we hadn’t been out alone for a while. Spencer had been fever free for 24 hours so we felt okay having out babysitter come. We went to out favorite Mexican place and to see How to Train Your Dragon. We had such a good time. It was a fun movie.

Before I leave you, I have to show you a picture of Spencer. He got in on the forties action too. 🙂

Spencer in fedora


3 thoughts on “Murder and dragons! What a weekend!”

  1. So glad you got to go. Glad you guys had fun. You look awesome! I wanna pick your brain about the murder mystery party sometime… when we find some friends in California. What a great idea! Spence is a cutie. Glad he is feeling better.


  2. Looks like a fun date night! You guys really look the part! Spencer is so cute! Can’t believe how big he is getting!


  3. Wendy, we’ve written our own before (and will probably use it again). We (Adam mostly) has some GREAT ideas on how to keep the game moving and not just around the table.


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