Owwie Juice

We’ve had an interesting day today. I’ve been sick, so Spencer and I went home from church after Sacrament Meeting. (Spencer isn’t old enough to be left in Nursery until next Sunday. Hooray!)

When we got home, we decided to hang out in the back yard. Spencer loves being outside, and that’s the easiest way to get him to leave me alone a little more. You know how it is when you’re sick.

I was coming back from getting a drink and I see that he has climbed into his Fisher Price wheel barrow. In the half second it takes for me to put the drink on the table and turn to him, he had leaned forward and tipped out of the wheel barrow face first into the patio!! Now, his poor little face looks like this:

Spencer with Road rash

After the accident, he got to have what has now been deemed “Owwie Juice.” I had just made some Kool-Aid, and he rarely gets to have it. He loves it, even in the watered down form that he gets it.


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