Family Reunion at Bear Lake

Adam and I just parted ways from Adam’s family reunion. He went back home and I came back to G’ma’s house.

We had a great time visiting with our extended family that we never get to see. We really enjoyed see you all and your kids. Thanks for the great time family!! We’ll miss seeing you until next year.

We got some great shots of Spenc. So, we’re going to share our trip with you via Spencer pictures.

Before our trip, Spencer discovered his love of markers.  🙂

Spencer picture

After Dad arrived, we went to the Training table for lunch.  One of our Utah favorites.

Spencer picture

At Bear Lake, they had a tractor to help take the boats down to the beach.  Spencer was quite attracted to the tractor.  He loved it.

Spencer picture

Spencer picture

He also loved digging in the sand at the beach.  How did I know?

Spencer picture

Spencer picture

Spencer played on a giant chess board.  The kids all loved it, and it seemed like it was always set up in front of our room.  🙂

Spencer picture


3 thoughts on “Family Reunion at Bear Lake”

  1. I was just thinking the same thing LuAnn!! I always have to go to Training Table when I’m in Utah. I hope you ate some cheese fries for me Jessica!


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