More fun times in Utah

I’ve had a more good times while I’ve been in Utah.  I got to see one of my cousin’s come home from his mission, hung out with friends and see more family.

I don’t have any pictures of my cousin coming home (I let everyone else take those pictures).  But there was a funny story.  I said hello to him, and it’s been a long time.  And looked at me, and said, “Yeah, like ever…”  He didn’t even remember me!  In his defense, it hadn’t seen him in many years, and it would be hard to recognize someone you’re not close too.  🙂

I went down to Provo and had lunch with my friend Jen, and we had a great time.  Spencer loved the little puppies she had at her house.

fun picture

fun picture

I got together with Jen and Sarah yesterday.  We had Chinese and went and got Frozen custard.  It was a great night.

fun picture

I’ll have more pictures later from the family I get to see today.


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