Ah, my son…

My son is a busy body. He’s always going and always grabbing things. Especially things he shouldn’t have. So, today was no different than every other day, except that I walked away.

I’m in the process of reclaiming my room from the clutter than always seems to find it’s way into my room. I came out and sat down at the computer to check my email. That is Spencer’s cue that it is his turn to play on the computer, of course.

So, I get him playing on one of his favorite games at KneeBouncers.com, and then I walk back into my room to get something and come right back.

In the time it took me to go from my room back to the office, Spencer stood up on the car, found the ONLY Sharpie in my pencil cup, and proceeds to draw on his face (and probably taste the marker). I am just grateful that is was JUST his face, and not the desk, the computer, or his clothes. 🙂 I did get a couple of WAY cute pictures before I set to cleaning his face.

Spencer Pic

Spencer Pic

We did manage to get the Sharpie off. I took some Cover Girl Eye and Lip make-up remover and a cotton ball to it. It came off REALLY easily. It was no big deal at all. So, if you’re kids draw on themselves, make-up remover does a great job. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Ah, my son…”

  1. Oh my he is getting so big!! He looks like a big boy now! I give you major props for trying the cloth diapers. It seems like it would be a huge pain but you seem to be handling it well. nIce work.


  2. I know. He is getting so big. Adam told me the really close up photo of his face makes him look about a year older than he is. Thanks, Amy. 🙂


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