The Great Cloth Experiment

It’s been quite a little while since I’ve added an update to the cloth diapering experiment.

We’ve been pluggin’ along. I still love it. Now that I’ve found the fuzzi bunz diapers, things have been going well. I have learned a few things along the way.

  • Spencer is a heavy-wetter.
  • My orginial laundry detergent, All Free and Clear, was causing build up and repealing problems.
  • Most of the leaks that we get, are my fault

To combat heavy wetter problems, I have to use the normal absorbent pad PLUS a doubler (a thinner pad that just gives a little extra absorbency). My very favorite doublers are the Hemp Babies Fleece Hemp Doublers. They are thin and add just the right amount of absorbency. So, while I’ve grown to ADORE the puffy tush that some of the doublers give him, I’m so glad I’ve found the slimmer line ones.

For the detergent, I’m testing Rockin’ Green detergent. The All Free and Clear was just not rising clean enough, and some of the diapers were beginning to repel water. The Rockin’ Green rinses clean and has some lovely scents. I’m liking it thus far, but I think I need to “strip” my diapers so I get better absorbing.

***UPDATE 9/6/10****: I soaked the diapers in 3 TBSP of Rockin’ Green in the tub last night, and left them over night. Then I went through my normal wash routine (with the rockin’ green instead of All), and the diapers are all lovely and super soft once again. Stripping worked!! Go rockin’ green!

As far as the leaks go, when we get the leaks it is because I’ve given him A LOT to drink and left him in the diaper too long. Generally, I have a feeling when I need to change him, and when I ignore it, I get a leak.

Here are a couple pictures of Spencer in his way cute Fuzzi Bunz

washing the car



2 thoughts on “The Great Cloth Experiment”

  1. Yay for cloth diapering! I’m glad you are trying it and liking it, even loving it. (Finding out what works is the key!) I have a special place in my heart for putting cloth on sweet little bums. 🙂 I cloth diapered both Daidra and Faith in their first 3 months. I haven’t tried it on older bums though. Maybe I’ll start again once things slow down here…


  2. Plus, they are SO dang cute. I’ve noticed I let him run around pant-less a lot more often now. I didn’t used to do it all, disposables are so unattractive to see. That’s why little girls dresses always come with bloomers. 🙂


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