September 2010

We had a month of friends and fun!  This month we started “Baby Trading” with a friend of ours so we (and they) could go to the Temple and go on a date.  Here is Spencer and one of his friends during one of our play dates.

I also did a baby shower of a dear friend of mine that turned out just lovely.  Although looking back on it, I was kind of a bossy boots.  Sorry Chelsea!  I’ll do better next time we work together.  I PROMISE!!  Here’s a picture of some of the flowers and the cloth diaper cupcakes we made.

Do you remember I mentioned some silliness earlier?  Well here is an example of my little man being his delightfully silly self.


Now the story behind this one.  Adam as taking off his shirt to give him a bath or something, and he got it as you see in the picture.  Then Spencer proceeds to start stomping around the room just bobbin’ his head and giggling.  Video would have been better, but he stopped by the time I got it out.

During the later part of the month, we had a friend of ours kids at our house so she could attend her Grandfather’s funeral.  So, I went from having one kid to 4 kids in the span of a minute.  🙂  I had a 7 year old, a 5 year old and TWO 2 year olds.

We had a lot of fun together.  We did realize that our house is a good size for 2 kids.  MAYBE 3 if the third is a baby.  We could do 4 if we had to do it, but we’d rather have a little more elbow room than we did.  Here’s a picture of my temporary TWO 2 year olds helping me close the windows.



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