Love Christmas time

I love Christmas time. We got our decorations out of storage on Monday, and put them up Monday night. I love how our house looks this time of year. There is something extra warm and welcoming about it.

We also put up our tree. We’ve decided that this is our last year for this particular Christmas tree. It was the first one we ever got, but it’s kind of falling apart and a pain to put together. But that’s beside the point. We put it together, and strung it with lights. We are planning on putting ornaments on it tonight and letting Spencer help us.

Although, I’m not sure that there is wisdom in that plan. I think if I let Spencer help decorate the tree, I won’t be able to get him to not touch the tree afterward. We’ll see what happens.

Anyway, we got everything ready on Monday night. On Tuesday morning, Spencer came out of his room and looked around in wonder, and then he looked at the Christmas tree and said, “Chri-mas tree!” He was so happy to see it.

Skip forward after a day of playing with his little people nativity and fun stuff, we were taking him to bed and before he went to be he said, “Night, Night Tree!” 3 or 4 times before he went. What a lil cutie!! I just love my son. And my dear husband, who battle that tree so we could have such a sweet moment.

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