Living with Chiari – Healing Update

So, it has been nearly two weeks since I’ve had my stitches removed. I’m healing quite nicely, and I’m getting energy back. I do have days that are not as good as others, but we’re dealing.

We have been SO blessed to have my G’ma W. come down to help me with Spencer and my healing for 3 weeks. She’s been here for 2 as of today. So, she’s leaving us in 1 week. 😦 She really has been such a blessing to have around.

So interesting thing happened to us today. We’d noticed about a week ago that there was this little white thing sticking out of my incision. At first, Adam thought it was just dry skin, but it wasn’t. Upon closer inspection, he decided it was string. It has gotten longer over the last few days, so we emailed the nurse we work with about it.

We went into the doctor today, and she confirmed to us that it is indeed an internal stitch. Instead of my body just absorbing it (like most people’s do), mine is pushing it out of my body. It’s called “throwing a stitch.” Apparently, I am throwing a couple more too. She said that it isn’t super common, but it is not unheard of. Leave it to me to do the weird thing that doesn’t happen a lot. 😉

I also got the okay to drive as soon as all this nasty snow and ice goes away. But the forecast doesn’t look promising… It’s supposed to dump more on us next week and over the weekend.

3 thoughts on “Living with Chiari – Healing Update”

  1. Funny thing, when I had laproscopic surgery, the incision in my belly button had an absorbable stitch that started sticking out. We didn’t end up pulling it out for over a year, cause Justin didn’t believe me what it was…at least not until he actually looked at it! 🙂


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