Living with Chiari – Complications…

Well, everything with my healing was going along quite well (in spite of the fact that I caught a cold), until last Friday night (2/11), well technically it was Saturday. I discovered one of the sites that is pushing the internal stitches out was “leaking” liquid and pussy stuff. Lovely right?

I woke up Adam, and he looked at it. He also suggested I email the nurse we deal with at Dr. Mapstone’s office. We did, and she said in a reply the next morning that we should go to the emergency room at OU (since that is where all my records for this surgery are).

So, we had our friend who is a resident there look at it first. And he agreed with her. We went, and left 3 hours later with a prescription. 😦 On the way home, my neck started hurting. I just thought it was my medicine wearing off. Later that night though, I couldn’t move my neck up and down, left or right. And a spot on my neck started swelling. It swelled to about the size of a little bit bigger than a quarter.

The next morning (Sunday), Adam went to the Instant Care Clinic to get his sinus infection and cough taken care of. Adam was going to take me BACK to the ER, but the cough medicine really did a number on him. So, my Dad drove me back to the ER where a Doctor poked a giant hole in my incision and drained lots of nasty fluid from the swollen spot. (I would show you a picture, but it’s nasty).

My parents took Spencer for Sunday, and Adam and I were sick at home. I had a rough night. My stomach was bothering me, but I’m getting better today. I’m still hurting quite a bit and don’t have the movement back, but I feel much better.

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