Living with Chiari – Post Surgery Follow Up

On Tuesday afternoon I had my post surgery follow up with Dr. Mapstone. We were expecting him to tell me that healing takes time, and that I need to be patient with my recovery. What we got was something different.

We were told that my incision looks great (which is wonderful to hear since we’ve had some many problems in the last week and a half), and he is quite please with my progress. He also told us that I should start exercising and getting back in shape again, not something we were expecting so soon.

So, I’ve been given the okay to resume life as close to normal as my energy levels allow, and to really start working back to normal. I’m so happy this has come SO very quickly in spite of all that has happened with being sick and getting weird infections.

I was so excited when I heard that news that when I got home I picked up Spencer, and he gave me the BEST hug he’s ever given me. While I was holding him, he would sit back so he could look at me and have me the biggest, cheesiest grin he could. He did that three or four times before he would let me put him down. It made my day. My little guy missed me. 🙂

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