Little Boy No More…

My little boy is officially a big boy. Not just because of his new snazzy haircut,


he’s a big boy because he decided that he wanted to start using the potty on Sunday. We have started potty training our son.

On Sunday, he would tell us that he had to pee, and the would go sit on the potty and do nothing, which we expected since we just started. Today though, about half the time he asked to potty he went. SWEET.

I’m so excited that this seems to be going well for him. I’m just trying to go with his lead on this one. He doesn’t really get pressure from me on this. It has been all him. Sometimes I do catch myself asking him if he needs to potty, but he doesn’t respond really well to that. Most of the time he just runs away from me.

Wish us luck!

One thought on “Little Boy No More…”

  1. Good luck. I am only sort of jealous…I want to potty train Collin so I can be out of diapers, but I don’t want to deal with the potty training. The girls were a beast to potty train (Don’t tell them I said that) I dread the day I have to potty train Collin. Really he should be potty trained before Kindergarten right? I am hoping that he takes it like my sisters did. ONe day they each came up to her and said I want to wear big boy undies and they never had an accident! So maybe Spencer has that same motivation! Collin needs to find it! Can’t I just hire someone to come in and do that Potty Train in a Day thing…I really want to do that…hire someone that is! 🙂


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