30in45 – The Final Push

Monday, March 28th -Arkham Horror
Adam (Mark Harrigan/Leo Anderson)- WIN
Jessica (Mandy Thompson/Jacqueline Fine) – WIN

Session Review:
We were battling Yig. Our monster situation always stayed under control, but our gates were opening all over the place.

We were SURE we were goners, because Yig was up to 9 Doom tokens (out of 10). In a fortunate stroke of luck we were able to get six gates sealed before Yig awoke from his slumber.

Friday, April 1st – Arkham Horror
Adam (Dexter Drake/Wilson Richards)- WIN
Jessica (Diana Stanley/ Marie Lambeau)- WIN

Session Review:
We battled Cuthulu, and we WON. We started out with gates opening left and right, but with the right spells and weather cards we were able to send all our investigators into Gates and close all of them before we had a 5th one open.

It was a very lucky few turns for us, but still that’s all part of the fun.

Sunday, April 3rd – Carcassone
Adam <–WIN
Jessica – not so much…

Session Review:
Played this on the iPad during Conference. I don't remember the score, but it was just a quick game.

Monday, April 4th – Small World
Small World
Adam – 98 – WIN
Jessica – 93 – not so much…

Session Review:
It was a quick, high-scoring game. Adam played Giants for 4 turns, and Elves for a full 6 turns! Jessica played Orcs, Ratmen, Trolls, and finished with Halflings. It was close, and neither one of us was sure who would take it in the end.

Wednesday, April 6th – Arkham Horror
Adam (Marie Lambeau)- Lost
Jessica (Michael McGlenn)- Lost

Session Review:
Separated out the Dunwich expansion,and played with the base set. We were prepping for a game with a couple of our friends this Saturday. We don’t want to overwhelm with too many extra rules from an expansion.

We thought we were getting pretty good at Arkham, and we were pretty sure this would be a fast and quick game. BOY were we wrong! Arkham Horror had not been so horrifying to us in a long time.

This game beat us up one side and down the other. If it wasn’t gates opening all over the place or monsters being released willy nilly into the streets.

In the end, when we FINALLY got our game back on track, the last gate opened up and we battled with Ithaqua. We nearly won, but alas we were ONE success short of taking him out. Dash it all!!

In the end, we decided that the addition of the Madness and Injury cards that were introduced with the Dunwich expansion will be left in for our next game. Going insane and losing your stamina was really hard to kept the flow going and motivation up. We thought it was great (at times), but it would be difficult to newcomers.


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