So, I’ll start at the beginning.

The week before Spring break, Spencer came home from school with a cough and a runny nose. I didn’t think anything of it. I just figured he caught a cold from one of the kids there. So, after giving him cough medicine and stuff for a couple of weeks, we tried going a different direction.

I thought it might be allergies, so I started giving him Claritin and his prescription allergy medicine, Veramyst. The runny nose and watery eyes that had developed got better as did his cough. His cough didn’t go away.

His cough got worse at night, and it had started to bother me since I had gotten so used to the cough that I didn’t hear it sometimes. I finally took him to the doctor on Tuesday, and she thinks the cough could be Asthma related. She put him on yet another medicine. We are going to monitor him for a couple weeks to see if the Singular helps. If it doesn’t help, we are going to have to investigate further down the asthma path, which we really hope we don’t have to do.

He’s only been on it for two nights, and it seems to help. Tuesday night, we weren’t sure since he was still coughing. Wednesday, I realized I forgot to give him his medicine and he was SERIOUSLY coughing. So, I woke him up around 11, and gave him his medicine. His cough quieted and lessened. We are encouraged.

2 thoughts on “Asthma???”

  1. Last winter both my kids had rsv. Then this winter we had the same thing happen. Ezra got a cold but just couldn’t kick the cough. the doc. put him on singular too. It wasn’t that he had asthma, just that his lungs were still weak from his case of rsv last spring and he had to use singular on and off throughout the winter whenever he got a cold.

    Just food for thought.


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