30in45 – The Last of the Games

We finished! We played 30 games in 45 days. We had a lot of fun doing it, but you’ll hear more about that in a follow up post. 🙂

For now, our last 3 games.

Friday, April 8th – Last Night on Earth
Adam (zombies) –> WIN
Jessica (Heroes) –> not so much…

Session Report:
We played defend the manor house, and it was a fight to the very last.

The zombies had only hours until the heroes won, but luckily for them, they had already picked off 3 of the 4 heroes. With the a last ditch effort to keep the zombies out of the manor house, the Father Joseph lured 5 zombies outside the house. He already had 2 wounds and was sadly killed in battle. It was a pretty exciting end.

Saturday, April 9th — Arkham Horror
Adam-Dexter Drake: Incomplete
Jessica- Mandy Thompson: Incomplete
Jaidi-Kate Winthrop: Incomplete
Justin- Leo Vincent: Incomplete

Session Report:
We got the game all set up, we were gearin’ up to go. We got through two rounds, and then our kid got sick. And had to call it a night, which is too bad. It was shaping up to be a good game too.

We have rescheduled for later this month to try again.

Monday, April 11 – Race for the Galaxy
Adam: 38 –>WIN
Jessica: 32

Session Report:
I played an incredible strategic game, but Adam appeared to play a better one. FRUSTRATION!! I really do try to beat him. It just seems like whenever I’m doing REALLY well, he seems to do even better. I will get him. Mark my words, I will get him. When I do, you’d better believe you’ll hear about it. 🙂

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