May is almost over?!

Wow, where did May go.  Lots has been going on here.

Adam and I got to start the month by going to Les Miserables in Fayettville, AR.  We’ve done something like this every year for the last couple of years.  We had a blast!!  We went hiking at Devil’s Den National park, ate at an upscale Italian restaurant, saw a WONDERFUL musical (even if I did have complaints about the direction and lighting, but the theater tech in me couldn’t help it) and we played a new game quiet a few times.

The funny thing about us going hiking (besides the fact that I am COMPLETELY out of shape), we drove in to the park and noticed there were a bunch of people riding around in full bicycler gear.  I just thought the place was really popular with cyclists.  Then we drove across a river, missed our turn to go the trail we were after, and found ourselves smack in the middle of a bike race!  The place was crawling with people.  So, we asked one of the park rangers how to get were we were going, and went hiking.  It was a great view.

Spencer has had a busy month.  He’s been spending so much time with his friends and going places and doing stuff.  Every Tuesday he’s go to spend some time with friends without his Momma.  He’s had a hard time being separated from me lately.  I always feel bad for the person I am leaving him with, but he does get over it pretty quickly.

Spencer also finish his first semester of “school” this month.  He really loved his teachers, and he really loved going to school.  We are excited to go back in the fall.  Even though it is just one day a week, I think it really helps him to learn to function in a group when I’m not there to rescue him all the time.

On Saturday, we went to White Water Bay for the first time this season.  Spencer had a BLAST.  He loves “swimming” back and forth between Mom and Dad.  We also learned (or relearned) that he HATES getting water in his ears and his nose.  Boy does he pitch a fit.  I think we will get him more used to it this summer so he’ll be more comfortable actually trying to swim.  He is quite the cautious little boy, so we’ll see what happens.

Alas, he did get sunburned, as did Adam.  I promise I really thought I got the sunscreen on well enough, but apparently not.  I will do better next time.

That’s what I got when I asked him to smile for me.  What a cheeser.

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