7th Anniversary

On June 5th, Adam and I celebrated our 7th Anniversary.  We had a great weekend together.  We normally go to a bed and breakfast for a night and then have a really fun filled day.  Instead, we went down for 2 nights and had basically 2 awesome days together.  I guess we were making up for missing our celebration last year (we had our anniversary while we were at a family reunion).


We went down to The Reserve at Eagle Creek, while it can be a B&B, you have to pay A LOT extra for them to do your food.  We had so much fun doing our own cooking.  We grilled steaks, campfired chicken packets, and made smores (a few times).

We also went for a drive on our second day.  We followed the Talimena Drive.  It was very scenic.  We had lunch that day on one of the look out vistas.  SO pretty.  I bet it would be crazy beautiful in the fall when all the leaves are changing.  I also bet it is pretty busy.

We had a wonderful time and absolutely love reminiscing over our last 7 wonderful years together.  We’ve had our ups and some downs, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.  All those changes have made us who we are today.  Love you sweetie!

One thought on “7th Anniversary”

  1. You need to give me a list of some of your favorite b&b’s. I think we are going to try and plan one for our 10th anniversary next year. How long in advance do you usually need to schedule?


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