Mystery in Tokyo (and USA)

I found this story in a box my mom gave me of stuff from my childhood. I don’t know when I wrote it, but I’m guessing 4th or 5th grade? Anyway, here it is for your viewing. The only thing I’ve edited is putting in paragraphs. My comments will be in bold. I am a little disturbed that I glorified the life of a villain so much. –Adam

Once upon a time in the city of Tokyo it was peacful and quiet (in Tokyo? I guess I thought everywhere in Japan was just one big zen-like place, man) when bang! bang! bang! Everybody looked at the jewelry store, the diamond was gone! (you see, in Tokyo, three gun shots means jewelry robbery) The police looked for days and days and they said that they think his name is Red foot Louie and they say that he’s probably above the ocean right now. Up in the plane there was a detective. His name was Sly Sam, and he saw Louie and punched him and Louie punched him back, then Louie tried to shoot Sam but he shot his hand that was on the bag with the diamond and he fell into the ocean (my hand is ALWAYS getting in the way of my target). Sly Sam thought that Louie was dead……

One day when Sam was in his office a man came in and he said are you Sly Sam and Sam said yes and the man said well I’m Red foot Louie and you’re a goner. Louie knocked him out and killed him. Soon there was a funeral for Sly Sam. He was buried where he was killed (in his office??? I’m trying to imagine what my younger self was picturing in this scene and coming up empty). Soon there was a parade with the chief of police. Louie took a rifle that wasn’t loaded and put Sam’s ring in it and shot the tires (I guess it’s pretty obvious I didn’t know much about firearms; also, wouldn’t it have been cooler to shoot the diamond he stole from Tokyo?), punched the chief (why all the punching?), took $1,000 and ran away. Later that day they were voting for a new mayor and Louie wrote on his paper look behind you or you die and Louie kidnapped the new mayor. (I know I am probably enabling all sorts of would-be kidnappers out there by revealing this fool-proof method for mayor-napping, but it had to be done)

One day Louie was cleaning his gun and the doorbell rang and when he opened the door the police were behind him and they said youre under arest but Louie shot them all (yay for less punching!) then he got in his car and went to the next town but when he was almost in the next town he wasn’t looking at the road CRASH! Louie crashed. Well that’s the end of Louie, or is it? (cue mysterious end music)

The End

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