Education starts at home

Lately I’ve been struggling with home much to teach Spencer at home before we do the whole preschool and Kindergarten thing. I worry that I’ll either go WAY overboard and he’ll be bored in school (which starts him off with a poor pattern of learning and a poor idea of what school is) or that I’ll swing the other way entirely and not do enough, which also won’t help with his view of learning.

Instead of doing nothing, my friends that I trade boys with every Tuesday go over a letter of the alphabet each week. I felt like that was a good start, but I wasn’t satisfied with just that. It had been a bug in my brain for a while, and my visiting teachers came over the other day and one of them mentioned that her daughter loves her Kumon books.

My ears perked up when I heard the word Kumon (I used to work at a Kumon center, and I have a love for the program). So, I asked some questions and did some research. I found out that they books just for the 2 year olds (and those who aren’t ready for the full on Kumon program). They are called First Steps Workbooks. I ran the Barnes and Noble that night and got Let’s Color!, Let’s Cut with Scissors!, Let’s Fold!, and Let’s Sticker and Paste!.

We’ve only done them for a few days, but I LOVE doing them with Spencer. He seems to love them too. I’m loving what they are teaching him since it is skills and not the curriculum that he’ll be learning later on. I am really excited about the Kumon Books and hope that Spencer will love them too. 🙂

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