Adventures in Potty Training…

Spencer started potty training again about 2 weeks ago.  While he was at Mother’s Day Out, I went borrowed a tall glass jar and a giant bag of Mike and Ikes from my mom.  I got out his All Done with Diapers reward (a cool set of Legos) and had them set up on the bar so he could see them.  Spencer has a slight addiction to Mike and Ikes, which worked out well for us since they are small and easy to fill a jar with.

My goal was to see if he was interested enough to really try to get the Legos.  The rules:  To get the cool set of Legos, he had to fill up the jar with Mike and Ikes.  He would get 2 Mike and Ikes to put in the jar and 2 to eat when he went pee in the potty.  And more if he went #2, which was the HUGE challenge.  This system has worked really well for Spencer.  He get an immediate reward, but is still reminded of the end goal.

So, when Spencer saw these set out and I explained what they were for he wanted to do it.  So, we went and got some big boy underwear that fit (we had some from out failure in November, but it was already too small), got it washed and started that night.

He has done REALLY well.  We’ve had a few accidents in the beginning, but he’s become rather reliable at staying dry.  He’s still learning when he needs to go, but he’s made a ton of progress in being independent. He’s even gotten to the point that he doesn’t want to wear pullups when we go out to the store.  He’d rather wear underwear since he’s a big boy.

Our biggest hurdle, as is most everyone’s, has been getting him to go #2 on the potty.  He had something against it.  We’re not sure what it was, but he sure did.  Adam and I have both had a few hard days dealing with it.  The days that he needs to go, we know it and we both spend an crazy amount of unnecessary time in the bathroom on false alarms.  He would go through times where he would tell us he needed to pee or poo every five minutes.

We were both SO tired of this behavior that we got him a small set of Legos as a reward for going #2.  He’s really been trying to get it since we got them on Thursday.  He’s been disappointed for a few days, but his day came today!

Today was no exception to the mega irritating “I-need-to-poop-but-don’t-want-to” behavior days.  Spencer had driven both Adam and I to the point of near insanity and way past major irritation.  He finally told us he needed to potty.  So, I took my turn since poor Adam had been doing it most of the day.  Spencer got on, tried and told me he couldn’t go.  I had him get off and told him to put his undies back on.  He started arguing with me (which isn’t unheard of, but not normal) and told me he need to put on a pull up.  I asked him why and he started dancing and told me he needed to poop.  We jumped him back on the potty and boom!  We conquered the major hurdle!  He just had to reach critical mass first.  🙂

While we are still working to get the jar filled up and have him become a better master of his own bladder, we are well on our way.  I’ll post pictures when he earns his Legos.  We are so proud of our big boy.  He’s really getting SO big.


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