Mommy School

Spencer and I started doing Mommy School today.  Basically, it’s a one day a week pre-school type school that we are doing with just the 2 of us.  Of course, today used to be our Mother’s Day Out day, but on Tuesday I withdrew him.  It’s been a long, drawn out, and rather traumatic (for me) process that ended with the school telling me that Spencer wasn’t welcome to enroll next year.  So, I figured, I’m already not getting what I am paying for, I’m just not going to let them have anymore of my money.  Thus we have Mommy School.

We spent about 2 and a half hours going through today’s “lesson plans.”  We:

  • Learn the letter A and did some tracing of the letter
  • Made Slime!!
  • Made smoothies
  • Did Kumon!
  • Read books

We had a total blast.  Spencer is very interested in learning his letters and tracing them, but he can only work on that sort of thing for 10 minutes or less.  We moved on to making slime pretty quick.  This he LOVED!!  We got the recipe for the slime from Science Bob.

Spencer got to pour water and dump Elmers glue in a bowl together.  Then he got to start mixing them.  He didn’t finish, and I got the privilege of doing that.  He then chose blue for his slime color and we mixed it in.  Then he mixed in the liquid starch that thickened everything into slime.  It was pretty wet and nasty when we first got it mixed enough to hold and flip out of the bowl, but as we played with it, it dried and became really stretchy.  It’s about the consistency of Gak (if anyone remembers that).

Here’s some shots of Spencer with his slime:


Spencer and I make smoothies that weren’t the greatest I’ve ever had, but he had a great time helping me put stuff in the blender and “choose” what went into the smoothie.  He wasn’t so wild about how loud the blender was, but he was still more than willing to push the buttons for me.  🙂

Kumon is always something we enjoy doing together.  I wrote a post about it a few months ago.  You can read about it HERE.  Normally, Kumon is geared toward a lot of reading and math skills, which we aren’t read for at all.  I love the books we are doing because they aren’t teaching math and reading, but they are teaching school skills like coloring, stickers, gluing, cutting and folding.  We’ve gone through these books pretty slowly and rather inconsistently so now that we are getting into the more advanced sections, they are harder for him to just pick back up.

Reading is always a good thing to do with Spencer.  He’s starting to like books that have more stories to them and less little kid type books.  Today, we read The True Story of the Three Little Pigs.  🙂  A very fun little story told from the Big Bad Wolf’s (who really isn’t such a bad guy) perspective.

All in all, we had a great morning together.


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