All Done with Diapers Day!

Well, he did it.  He’s managed to fill his All-Done-With-Diapers jar and get his prize.  He may have had some help with a few supplements to the jar, but he did the work and is all done with diapers.  We figured out when we started (February 2) and we “finished” (he’s not completely independent yet, but we’ll get there WAY before new baby comes) on February 25.  So, it took him 23 days to really get the hang of it and WANT to give up his diapers.

Saturday morning, he woke up and did his business and went about his normal morning routine.  About 15 minutes after coming out in the living room, he remembered he needed to do his Mike and Ikes!  We went over to do them, and he took a good look at the jar.  “It’s FULL!!  Look Momma, my jar is full!!”  He was so excited.  He knew exactly what that meant.  He got his big tuck legos, but being the mean mommy I am, I had a whole day already planned for him, and he had to wait for his legos.  (He didn’t mind in the end.)


When Daddy got back from donating blood, we got dressed and went on our first outing to celebrate.  We went to Krispy Kreme and got him his first KK donut.  He wasn’t actually to crazy about the glazed one.  We also got a chocolate sprinkle one and a couple blueberry donuts for later.  He ended up REALLY liking the blueberry one and traded daddy his chocolate sprinkle for it.  That’s my boy!

Afterward, he got to go pick out some new big boy underwear.  He’s now the proud owner of Lego Star Wars undies.  The only lego undies you can get are either Batman or Star Wars.  We much prefer the Star Wars.  Once we bought the undies, we headed to the greatest store in the whole world as far as Spencer is concerned.  The Lego store.  He got to get a cup of Legos to add to his big blue bucket.  Awesome!

We went home for lunch where Daddy and he got to work on his truck legos until it was ready.  Spencer finished just about as fast as he could and went back to helping Daddy make his Legos.  He LOVES them.  I love the Creator sets since the build 3 different things with the same set.

Playing with LEgos 1

Playing with LEgos 2

We played for a while and Adam and I took turns taking some naps.  It was Saturday afternoon after all.  When everyone was up went went over to Stars and Stripes Park by Lake Hefner and played.  It was crazy windy, and we came away with a great story about Spencer.

After playing for a while, he runs to up us and says, “I need to pee!”  So we hurry over to the pavilion where there were bathrooms to use, but it was all blocked off and under construction.  We tried to talk him into going on a tree, but he wasn’t having any of that.  WE then found a place where they had a porta potty that had a fence around it.

Adam and Spencer went in, and it was pretty nasty.  Even Spencer agreed.  “It’s too gross!”  So, we ended having him wizz on the wood fence by the porta-potty.  While he was finishing, I thought I heard someone coming so we hurried and whipped his pants up and ran outta there to finish zipping his pants.

About 10 minutes later, Spencer runs to Daddy and says I have to poop!  We pile in the car and drive down to the 7-11 on the corner (about a mile away) only to have him decide he didn’t need to, but needed to pee again.  🙂  Crazy boy.

We took him to McDonald’s for dinner since that seems to be his favorite place, especially when he can run around and play.  He had a great day, and we were sure glad to be able to celebrate with him.  He has even started going to be without a pull-up on.  I’m so excited for him and for us since we’ll be back in diapers again very soon just with a different child.  🙂

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