We got a Gold Star!!

Lego Heads
Should I be worried?

Adam posted this picture to his Facebook page in December after playing Legos with Spencer.  This is what Adam said:

Spencer called this Lego cabinet a “freezer.”  Should I be worried?

He got some fun comments and didn’t think anything of it.  Although, Spencer’s passion for disassembling Lego Mini Figures has continued and he still puts the heads in the freezers and now it’s hands too. But that’s beside my point.

Last Friday, one of Adam’s cousin’s posted on his wall that we had made the STFU, Parents blog (which is usually a BAD thing).  Generally, it focuses on people over sharing on Facebook about their kids bodily functions.  If anyone in our family is guilty of that, it would have been me.  :/

This post, however, is a Mom’s Gold Star post, which means we are doing something at least interesting.  Go Adam!  Gold star to you!!

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