In limbo…

It seems as though we’ve entered a into a holding pattern as we get closer to baby’s due date.  I’m getting slower and slower moving, and Spencer seems to be getting a lot faster everyday to boot.  It’s gotten SO much more difficult to accomplish the tasks that always seem to be needing to get done.  So it’s been great having Adam around to help get everything done.  He’s really picked up all the slack I’ve had to leave.

About a week ago, we had the good fortune of having one of Adam’s sisters stop at our house overnight on their way home from Disney World.  It was a tight fit with all her family and our in our house, but it worked.  The Saturday before Adam and I work our tails off to get the house the way I would want it to have guests in it, and it is SO clean.  I’ve been trying to keep it that way so we don’t have nearly so much to do when baby comes.  It’s been a huge stress relief to have it so tidy the majority of the time.

I’ve also noticed that I’ve already gone into the prep for baby phase for myself.  I’ve got a facial scheduled, pedicures, a hair cut, and I’ve colored my hair (I’ll have to do it again before, but still).  I’m in the home stretch, but man I’ve got a long time left it seems.  Six weeks has never seemed quite so long before.  Adam and I were going over the calendar, and we have things going on almost every weekend until the baby is born.  I’m hoping he’s right, and it will go fast for us.

I’ve been taking monthly belly pictures with this pregnancy, and I have put together a collage of the ones I have thus far.  The spaces for the next ones I need are already there.  Here’s me and my big ole belly in all it’s glory.  Week 29 looks really big because I had the camera zoomed differently.  Learned my lesson.

Bellys Pics

4 thoughts on “In limbo…”

  1. You look so great! I love the way you have alternated shirt colors in your photo collage. So cute. I’ve been such a slacker this pregnancy. Hopefully my little guy won’t care too much that I haven’t documented this pregnancy as well as Aliza’s. 🙂


  2. I wasn’t super great about documenting my pregnancy with Spencer. I wrote a couple of things, but I thought I would do pictures this time since I only have a few of those, and I was kind of sad about that. I’m pretty sure Spencer won’t mind…


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