Matthew Stephen Jeppson

We proudly welcome to the world our newest little baby boy, Matthew Stephen Jeppson! He was born at 1:32pm on May 3, 2012. He was 7lbs, 12oz and 21 1/4″ long. He came out completely calm and very interested in the world. Of course, people felt the need to intrude into all his private business right away, and he was not at all happy about that.

Let’s back up before we get too far ahead of ourselves. At 5:30am, we showed up at the hospital, ready to get the induction process started. Jessica progressed fairly slowly until her doctor came and broke her water. She got the epidural shortly after as the contractions became much more painful without that watery cushion. I decided to go get some lunch before the big show started, and right as I was leaving, the nurse announced that Jessica was dilated to an 8! They said I still had time and to go ahead.

In the middle of my greasy hamburger at McDonald’s, I get the text that Jessica is starting to feel the need to push. I have never pushed a hamburger into my mouth that quickly (and will never again, ugghhh). I got back with plenty of time, but we got started shortly after. She pushed through a couple contractions to get the baby into place. They then got everything setup for his arrival, and she did a couple more contractions’ worth of pushing and out Matthew came! Everyone marveled at how picture-perfect his birth was and that it should be in textbooks. That made us happy. 🙂

Ok, caught up now. Once everyone left him well enough alone with cleaning and tests, he showed his true colors, that of a mild mannered, hungry little boy. He took to eating right away and never seems to get that fussy at all. He has passed his hearing tests and pretty much everything else they’ve put him through. He has been such an angel for us, and we couldn’t be happier to have him here. Also, Spencer really seems to like him. They gave each other gifts, and it was really cute. Here are some pictures:

2 thoughts on “Matthew Stephen Jeppson”

  1. Yay for textbook deliveries!! And born at 1:32 pm? Not bad! I just love the name Matthew too. What a sweet little guy.


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