Adjustment Period

We’ve had lots of fun in May and June.  Grandma and Grandpa Jeppson came to visit us at the beginning of the month.  We got to go to the Science Museum and play at a new splash park Downtown.  It took Spencer two hours and Adam’s hat to be able to run through it, but we had fun playing at the park even before he ran through it.

water 1water 2

Matthew is growing like a little weed and he’s gotten rather chunky in the process.  Here are some favorite pictures of that little boy over the last month and a half.

This is what we brought Matthew home in.  Look how skinny he is.  🙂

Isn’t his hair the best!?  I just love it, and I’m sad to see it thinning out and going away.Look at that hair!This is his blessing out fit almost a month later.  Isn’t he chunking up nicely?Blessing Outfit

Photo bombThe photo bomb (above) is a funny story.  I was doing a lovely depth of field shot, and Spencer kept wanting me to take his picture too.  I did take a couple of him, but I was getting Matthew’s shot lined up and Spencer snuck in right as I squeezed the button.

Belly Sleeper

Early smilesThis is an example of one of the early smiles he gave us.  He’s getting much better.  We’ll get them in a picture soon.

On mom's bedLook how chunky that bot has gotten compared to his newborn coming home outfit!  He loves to eat and does it well.

Spencer has also been the best big brother.  He loves to give kisses and hugs to Matthew and is always very concerned for his welfare.  Just look at how helpful he is:

lunch rocking
Rocking his brother while he eats his lunch. 🙂
Orange shirts
Aren’t they cute!

watching baby sleep

Pacifer kisses
Aren’t they sweet?!

We even did our family pictures again, with our family of 4.  🙂  We couldn’t get Spencer to keep a straight face or look at the camera.  This was the best we one we got, but that’s our boy.

Family photo

One thought on “Adjustment Period”

  1. Love the update and LOVE the new pictures! Matthew looks so much like Spencer to me. What a cute little family. Miss you guys!


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