Living with an Aspie: So happy…

A rare moment caught on camera while we were just talking. I don’t even remember what about.

So, Spencer has been sick. For most of the month of December he seemed like his was going through one thing or another. As a result, he was acting out A LOT. He handled changes with even less flexibility than usual. He threw fits at the slightest provocation or response in a way he didn’t want. It was a little rough. We honestly were going a little bit nuts wondering where our little boy who had been doing so well had gone.

We’ve figured it out. He was SICK for most of the month of December and he got to totally thrown off of any routine we had had when school let out for Christmas and his uncles came to visit. So, it would seem that all of those thing combined in it a perfect storm for meltdowns and acting out.

We only realized all this after the first week of school finished. To start the week, we moved to an 8am church meeting time, and he did wonderfully well. He is at his most cooperative in the morning. Then, he proceeded to have the most AWESOME week at school. His teachers told me everyday what a good day he had.

We are so happy to have Spencer back, and we are looking forward to continuing to teach him. He didn’t regress over Christmas at all. It was just a reaction to all the insanity that illness and holidays can bring. We are looking into getting him into a social skills class so he can learn more skills and hopefully keep them up over the summer when we don’t have school to count on for his extra practice.

Funny thing about Spencer and photos: To get a smile out of this boy, you often have to tell him HIS knock knock joke.

Knock Knock
Whose there?
Reggie Who?
Reggie Jackson!

Why he thinks this is funny we don’t know, but he thought of it and thinks it is absolutely hilarious.

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