About Us

Well, most people who visit here already know us, but if you don’t this is the place to be.

Adam and Jessica have been married since June 2004. We met at BYU-Idaho in September 2003. It didn’t take too long before they got things figured out and got married. 🙂 We lived in Rexburg Idaho until June 2005 when we headed to Salt Lake City, UT.

Adam was working with his oldest brother, and I was prepping to do my student teaching. I finished my student teaching in December of 2005, and I got my first teaching job at the high school just down the road from where I did my student teaching. I taught Junior and Senior English until June of 2006.

At that point, Adam got a job in Oklahoma City, OK. So it brought us to where we are now. We built our house and moved into it in December of 2006. I got a job teaching 8th grade Literature at a middle school. I taught Literature for a year there and then I taught technology for 2 years there. Technology was awesome!

During my 2nd year of technology, I had a baby! 🙂 Spencer was born in November of 2008, at which point I retired from teaching to be a full time Mom. So that is where we are at this point in our lives. Adam goes to work everyday, and Spencer and I stay and work at home.

We are all happy and lovin’ life here in Oklahoma.

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