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Your welcome, Barack!

[I really hate to keep on talking about politics here, so this will be the last time before the elections, I promise…]

I know Mr. Obama is a busy man, so I’ll go ahead and preempt his thanks to me by saying, You’re Welcome!  Clearly, he thought highly of my flowchart posted a week ago because he followed it to the letter last night even better than ever before.  Glad I could be of help!

October Newsletter

Here’s our entry for the family newsletter:

Jessica and I have been doing well. Ok, Jessica has been doing well considering she is in a constant state of discomfort/pain. She still smiles a lot and laughs at my jokes, though that makes her belly hurt more sometimes, so we’re pretty careful about the amount of funny in our jokes around here lately. Just kidding.

We started off with Labor Day which involved killing dozens of wasps, making dozens of truffles (awesome!), watching a dozen TV episodes of Chuck, Heroes, and The Office in preparation for the new seasons, and taking, you guessed it, dozens of pictures. We made a little “drive-in” on our living room floor. Check out the album preview below for all the pictures.
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Barack Obama’s Debate Flow Chart

With Palin’s debate flowchart flooding teh internets, I thought it would only be fair to post Obama’s flowchart.  I couldn’t do Biden’s because his debating style actually makes sense.  I found it a lot easier to listen to him than Obama.  I also didn’t have time to make it pretty, but oh well, here it is:

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Barack Obama Debate Flowchart

1. Is the question about a problem? Yes – Goto 2a. No – Goto 2b.

2a. Blame it on President Bush Goto 3.

2b. Spin it into a problem and blame it on President Bush Goto 3.

3. Say that John McCain as President would do the EXACT same thing as Bush. Goto 4. *

4. Does the question have anything to do with your next note card? Yes – Goto 5a. No – Goto 5b

5a. Give your response making sure to pause after every word for dramatic (read: annoying speech behavior) effect. Goto 6.

5b. Your agenda is more important than the moderators, talk about what you want. Goto 6.

6. Promise that you will fix every problem the nation in such a way that it will involve CHANGE and will be the exact opposite of Bush/McCain.  It must also involve spending.  It involves CHANGE, so it must be the right solution, right?  Right?  Go CHANGE!  Goto 7. **

7. Is the ninety seconds filled? Yes – Goto 8a. No – Goto 8b.

8a. OMG! You’re the most over-aggrandized political figure in recent memory! Next question. ***

8b. Make a statement about all the starving, under-insured, complete-wreck-of-a-life citizens whose life will be blessed by having the opportunity to have you as president. Oh, and be sure to pause every word for dramatic (read: time-wasting) effect. Goto 8a.

* This really should be attributed to Joe Biden who said in the last debate that John McCain’s policy “is the same as George Bush’s” in every way. Rubbish and outright lies, much like everything else that comes out of a politician’s mouth.

** According to Barack Obama, nothing currently works.  I’ve only ever heard him talk about change.  I’ve never heard him mention a program or policy that is currently adequate.  Thanks to him, I’ve added a note to my list of attractive qualities in a candidate:  Look for someone who can identify things that are working and use those to make things that aren’t working, working.  If someone can only identify problems, they aren’t likely to be able to resolve them.

*** Can I just say that Barack Obama is so overly built up by his fans, that everytime I hear him speak, I am completely underwhelmed.  I have no love for McCain.  He has shown during this campaign that he employs pointless tactics that group him up with almost every other campaigning political slimeballs out there, but Barack Obama is exactly the same way and bears no distinctive trait that sets him above the pack.

Feeling Waspish

Waspish – Definition: Bad tempered OR White Anglo-Saxon Protestant…ish.

In our case, neither. We just happened to find a big ole wasp nest in our bush next to the sidewalk to our front door. We were cutting back the bush that was taking over the world, and probably about 30 (at highest count) wasps defended their territory well. Until Spectracide PRO came in to the picture, and PRO it was. I didn’t stand back the recommended 20 feet, but that was mostly because the nest was well embedded in the bush.

After hosing it down with half the 18 oz can (you can’t be too careful), we surveyed the damage, and it was glorious. Probably fifteen wasps squirmed, dying on the ground below the bush. Deciding that I wanted to confirm a direct hit, I pushed aside the branches, and here’s what I found (click to enlarge, it’s worth the wait):


7 holy-crap, huge inches of nastiness, I tell you. In case you didn’t notice, the dripping stuff on the plants and nest in the picture is instant, liquid death (Spectracide PRO). Big fans.

[audio:004 – Bell Biv Devoe – Poison.mp3]

August Newsletter

(This is the first of a series of newsletter entries that we’ll post on here. We do these every month, buy well start posting them here as well.)

Hi family,

A good month. We started it out with a really nice 4th of July. A big dinner at the in-laws, a nice fireworks display at a friends, and our dog actually being sociable with small children made it a great day. Lucy has always had a hard time with kids, but we’re not too worried about how she’ll interact with Spencer.

We went to Dallas one weekend to find maternity work clothes for Jessica. You may not have known, but it’s hard to find not-expensive clothes of this type in a city like Oklahoma City. Anyway, we went to some stores that had a maternity section, but we still weren’t finding anything not outrageously expensive.

While we were leaving one store (feeling frustrated), the clerk told us about a maternity store nearby. We decided to try it, we’re glad we did. It was basically a maternity superstore with lots of expensive clothes, but LOTS of clearance racks of NICE clothes. We bought everything we needed there and were so glad we found it. We also saw Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3D, and that was pretty good.

We’ve started being able to see Spencer kick. It’s so crazy to see his little feet hitting that hard! His kicks are also easily felt now. He reacts REALLY well to music put on Jessica’s belly. He particularly likes the Bee-Gees.

Other than that, it’s benn pretty normal around here. We’re getting along pretty well. Have a great month!

Adam and Jessica and Spencer and Lucy

[audio:0102 – Night Fever.mp3]

Super Suppers

Jessica and I have seen the future…and it isn’t pretty.  Imagine having a 7 to 9 month pregnant lady working as a school teacher full-time, her husband also working full-time, a million and one things to get ready for the baby, and all the other normal things that families have to deal with every day.  Now, try to imagine trying to fit in cooking a nice meal every night into that formula.  It just doesn’t happen!  This is the future we’ve observed, and we’re here to show you a better way.

Freezer meals! (And not tv dinners either)  We’ve been thinking for a while about trying those places that have all the ingredients all ready made, and all you have to do is assemble them into an entree and perhaps freeze them for later.  Well, they are just way too expensive.  They want to charge something like $22 an entree that feeds 4-6.  We decided that we could do this on our own in our OWN kitchen for a lot less.  Read on for some of the gory details.

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Longest Day

I know that whole longest day thing was all ready happened, but let’s all keep in mind that either today or tomorrow (depending on your location) is the day with the latest sunset time, which is all that I care about.  For Edmond, Oklahoma, tonight marks first of 7 days where the sun will set at 8:50pm, the latest time all year.  The longest day, June 21, set at 8:49pm.  1 minute, sure, but still.

Make the most of the next week while you have the most daylight in the evening to work with.  Over the course of the next month we will actually lose only about ten minutes of that sunset time, but it will taper off more quickly after that.

Here’s the calculator:

Hope in Afghanistan

As kind of a follow-up to my last post, I wanted to share some more thoughts about hope.  On the way home from church, I was listening to NPR and heard some reporter talking with the wife of the Ambassador to the United States from Afghanistan.  They were with a cook making a traditional Afghani dish, and interspersed in the food talk was discussion about the state of Afghanistan as well as what it was for her growing up.

Towards the end, the reporter asked her how the current state compares to what it was 30 years ago when she was growing up (which she had described as ideal, before Russia invaded).  She responded with this quote:  “I just think it is so unfair when you hear the media just criticizing everything.  You don’t see the positive side. […] We have major accomplishments.  Why don’t you talk about that?”  In the middle of that quote she cited several indications of positive change and progress in Afghanistan, but she’s right, you hear nothing of this in the media.  It is just about suicide bomber this, dead American troops that.  Those are important, but without the positive things, you lose HOPE.

Isn’t that what Barack Obama wants?  Then why is it that he never mentions these signs of progress.  It shows that “hope”, that is supposed to be his message, is in fact not contained in his message, just empty promises that he can fix the world.  As one commenter just noted (thanks Jillian), we have to individually fix our world.  No one man or woman or administration can do that.  Let’s get to work!

Here’s the link to the story.  You’ll need to listen to it to hear what I’ve talked about as it hasn’t been fully transcribed. []

Misguided Hope

Just a quick vent. Obama: Candidate of Hope. Hope? As in “I promise the world will be a better place because of my work”? Shouldn’t you need serious credentials to say something like that? Obama has 8 years in a state senate and a little less than 4 years in the U.S. Senate. State Senates are valuable learning opportunities, no doubt, but hardly enough to qualify as proving grounds. That leaves him with less than one full term as a U.S. Senator. This is our evidence of his ability to make significant, positive change in the world? I have no doubt he will try hard, and I’m sure he could do at least a passable job as President (supporting his ideals, not mine to be sure), but offer a promise of hope? No, I don’t believe he has any right to offer that. He needs to prove he is capable first.

Yet, the slogan works for him because it resonates with American voters. The voting mentality of the general American populous right now is “Life is hard for me. I need someone to blame. Must be the President. Let’s get someone different.” Because they are “uncomfortable” right now, the fickle American people want change. Enter Barack Obama – Hope-mongerer. He plays off people’s baseless desire for change with empty words. I think we would all benefit if he just called his campaign what it really is. Obama: Candidate of Something Probably Different from the Current President Even Though It Will Still Be Just As Criticized in Four Years and We’ll Want Someone Different Again. I guess he didn’t figure that would fit on the yard signs.