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Busy, Busy, Busy

Well, I have been so busy with everything that has been going on lately, I almost haven’t had time to think straight.  I am loving my job (a lot of the time) and staying really busy with activities at church.  I am the enrichment leader, and I have taken it upon myself to help the get to know each other by creating a list of “interest groups.”  Some people are expecting me to organize everything, but I can’t do that!  I would have to be crazy! 

I am hosting the book club though and the first meeting of the painting and crafting group.  I wanted to start a book club, but no one came to my first meeting but me.  So I got to make all the rules and pick the book I wanted to read.  Oh lucky me.  🙂  We are reading The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde.  Thus far, the book it pretty good, but I must warn you.  If you read it, you won’t get it unless you are fairly well versed in history and literature.  Even if you haven’t read tons, but are vaguely familiar with a lot of stories, then you’ll be fine.  I had a student come to the a week or so ago, and we are starting a book club there too.  So, she wanted to read these brand new books, but since all of the books are not easy to get ahold of without buying them I vetoed them.  So, she wanted to read The Eyre Affair also.  I don’t know how well the kids will do, but it does make it easier for me to host 2 book clubs. 🙂 

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Jessica’s New Do!

Okay, I’ve slacked for long enough!  I really like it, and have been having a good time with it.  I finally got pictures for you! I took them on two different days, with 2 different ways that I like to do it.  Do click on this link: Jessica’s Hair Album.  What do you think?  Let me know!

I wish he were here

I am missing Adam.  It is amazing how much I take him for granted when he is here.  He is my strength and my support.  He is on a business trip, and I miss him.  He is one of those people who understands me, and makes me feel like I have the whole world in my hands. 

I did get to talk to him this morning though.  It is good to hear his voice.  He is always so calm and knows what to say to make me feel better.  He might not think so, but he calms me down.  Adam, I love you and I can’t wait until you come home!

The job hunt and other happenings

Well, all of the schools in Oklahoma have started as of this week, and I don’t have a job.  So I’m a little, okay, a lot sad that I am not teaching.  I called the district office last week to see what the deal was, and they said that my application implied that I would not have a license to teach until November.  I went to check it, and I discovered that the school administrators just don’t know how to read their own application or forgot how the system works.  It is really frustrating becuase I probably could have had a job if my application had been a little different.  So, I don’t think I will be teaching this year.  :`( 

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We’re outta here

Well, we’re outta here.  Adam got a job in Oklahoma at Lopez foods as a computer programmer.  We’ve thought about it, prayed about it, even debated it (almost heatedly) and we’ve decided that this is the right thing for us to do right now.

So right now, we are starting to pack things up and get ready to leave.  I have resigned my post as an English teacher at Olympus High School, which made me quite sad; but I’ll be okay.  My principal was really good to me and very understanding.
Adam has also left his job with Dan, and he has been great during this whole process.  We are so grateful for all that Dan did to help us right out of school.  Adam had a job to go to that he learned a great deal from.  It was an invaluable experience.  Thanks Dan!

Thank you to everyone here who made our life in Utah as pleasant as it could be.  We have loved our time here, but sadly, it is time to move on to something different.  We’d love to hear from you if you are here sometime before the 20th, since that is when we are leaving. 

So adieu for now!  Please stay in touch with us if you are not already!

Memorial Day

It is almost over!  School is almost done.  I have been so behind with grading, and I am finally getting close to being caught up.  It has been great to have a a three day weekend, even though I went to Oklahoma last weekend.  Spending time with Adam is one of my favorite activities, and we have had a good time. 

Even though we have been working most of the weekend, we did manage to have a Lord of the Rings fest.  It’s funny, because we watch them, but we don’t.  While we watch the movies we have been grading papers, doing sudoku or folding laundry. 

For the last few days of school, my classes are going to get to watch The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.  Most of them have read The Magician’s Nephew (the first book chronologically in the series).  So they are pretty happy that I’m not giving a big nasty test, and my tests are known to be pretty nasty.  They are a little upset that I am taking role though.  😉  Oh well!  Can’t win ’em all!

Happy Memorial Day and Happy Summer!

It feels later than it is…

I am so tired.  Adam has been sick today (not that there is much I can do to make him better since he just has a cold), and I have been drowning in papers for weeks.  I have been fighting my students about taking CRTs, which are a nightmare to give) and them asking me everyday if I have this project or that paper graded yet.

 Just to keep you up on what happened at school:  I planned the 4th quarter VERY poorly, and I knew it when I did it.  Being the silly girl that I can be, I thought, “Oh I’ll take these classes projects home over the weekend the weekend I get them, and grade the rest the week after.”  HA!  Anything I try to take home doesn’t get done.  So I have to do it at school, and I don’t want to do what I did to myself at the end of the third quarter (I stayed at school until 5:30 for about a week and a half trying to get caught up).

As a result of my grading stress, I haven’t been able to give my students the end of the year that I was hoping to give them.  I had visions of reading a play and them actually enjoying it.  Alas, I have resorted to listening to bits and pieces of the play, talking a little bit about it, and watching the movie.  Not quite the perfect end of the year that I was shoting for when I started in January.  Oh well.  I guess I have to let go of some of that perfectionist that lives in my brain. 

 Adam tells me that to be a good blogger, I have to give you a link to another place for the reader to move on from my blog.  Well, he’s the good blogger then. 😛 I just wanted to vent a little and say “Good Night, Dear World!”

Happy Birthday Elder Hintze!

Today my missionary brother turned 20!  It is different when your younger siblings get to be older.  For some reason, it feels like they should be the same age as they were when I went off to school, but alas, things don’t work that way. 

Alan is a great missionary; reading about the things he does makes me so proud of him and how hard he works.  He is a great examples, and I am proud to call Elder Alan Hintze my younger brother. 

Alan, if you read this, I love you and am so proud of you.  Keep up all the work you are doing.  You are indeed an example to us all.


The Real World

Well, we just spent the last few days in Las Vegas on our “big” trip of the year.  It was absolutely amazing.  We had such a great time.  We has a little more planned to do than we did last time we went, and we may have over done it.  But that’s not the point.  The point is, we had a great time.  We went to the Startosphere and rode the Big Shot and another new ride whose name I can’t remember.  It was crazy.  We went to see a show every night, and could do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted.

Coming back on Sunday was a rude awakening.  We were coming back to the real world.  We had to work and be grown ups again.  The only thing I hate about going on vacation is coming back.  When you come back, you just know that the day before, you didn’t have any worries or cares outside of yourself.  It’s not the greatest feeling, but I guess we all feel it.  Anyway, I thought I’d share my feelings about coming back to the real world.


Oh my what a day it has been, and it is only second period!  I am a little frustrated with the seniors right now.  They have become all too apathetic now, and I don’t know what to do with them.  They are to the point that they think they can do whatever they want, and it drives me CRAZY!  Oh how I dislike seniors in the Spring…