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My baby’s growin’ up

Well, I know many of you probably won’t care as much as I do, but Lucy has started losing her baby teeth.  And man, what weird teeth she has.  We’ve been finding them on the floor.

For the last few days we noticed that she has been chewing alot, and we thought she was chewing her gums raw.  As it turns out, she was just wiggling her teeth.  🙂  Pretty exciting stuff. 

Anyway, that’s all for now…

Edit (by Adam):  In case you didn’t know, Lucy is our five-months old miniature Schnauzer.  I just wanted to make that clear because you might think it a bit odd that we’re finding teeth all over our floor if she was a child… 🙂


Another day

This seems to be the busiest time of the quarter.  I have a million papers to grade (but no more Huck Finn essays YEAH!), and all the students seem to be worrying about their grades now.  The quarter ends next week, so I can’t blame them.  Oh, lots to do. 

So, have a good day all (even though it is only Adam who reads this now).  Until later…